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I’m not even sorry


I don’t think Magnussen is Mary’s lover and that the baby isn’t John’s (come on people, how tacky wouldn’t that be).

Here’s what I think:

1. Mary is an orphan

2. CAM = Charles Augustus Magnussen

3. “Wish your family could have seen this.”

So most likely Magnussen did something to Mary’s family…

Or Mary did something to Mary’s family and now Magnussen is using that to blackmail her.

Either way, we’re fucked.


– Grown-ups like that sort of thing. – Why? – I don’t know, I’ll ask one.


just out of curiosity, reblog this if your family has ever made you feel bad about:

  • your weight
  • your interests
  • your friends
  • your taste in music 

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Nichelle Nichols (born Grace Dell Nichols on December 28, 1932)

For the first time on television we will be seen as we should be seen every day – as intelligent, quality, beautiful people who can sing, dance, but who can also go into space, who can be lawyers, who can be teachers, who can be professors, and yet you don’t see it on television – until now….” - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr to Nichelle Nichols

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our new dream

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John Hamish Watson. Hamish. You said that. How could you know his middle name? No one does. He hates it.


my two favorite disney princesses!

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